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Since 2000, Host KC (formerly Avg-Joe Web Hosting) has provided a world of Internet and hosting services and solutions for businesses and individuals alike. With unparalleled expertise, industry-leading service and cutting-edge technologies, Host KC is focused on the delivery of customer-driven web hosting, telecommunications solutions and award winning customer service. Our products and services are driven from direct customer feedback and changing market forces. With the recent shift towards outsourcing, Host KC has responded with a wide range of administrative services from system engineers to network architects to certified database administrators. Our goal is to offer the most comprehensive hosting solutions in the market place at very aggressive pricing.

Is your current hosting company in financial distress? Profitable since 2002, Host KC is a member of an elite group of companies in this industry sector that can boast being in the black, and we are quickly becoming the new home to small, medium and large enterprise companies seeking financial security coupled with tier one datacenter services. Our who's who list of clients will impress you and we continue to beat the competition on aggressive pricing and leading edge technologies.

Contact us today for any questions you might have. Our account executives are here to assist you in planning and managing your infrastructure, not to simply sell you something. Our goal is to form a partnership with each customer to make certain we are successful together.

Host KC is an American company with headquarters in Odessa, Missouri. We believe that a good internet connection is only effective if our servers are running smoothly. We therefore build our servers with only the highest quality parts.

All of our servers are hosted in a premium data center in Fort Worth, TX. Currently, there is a full 2000 mbps (2GiG-E connections) supplying our Data Center. In OC fiber line terms that's close to 3 OC-12 lines and 1 OC-3 lines. Datacenter can provide up to 200 watts per square foot with redundant UPS and generator support.

The data center has connections to many different Internet backbones including cogent, and Level3. By connecting to multiple Tier 1 backbones, the data can be distributed through many sources. This architectural design also means that the network connections are not dependent upon a single Internet backbone. Thus when problems occur, traffic rerouting is automatic, thereby ensuring the integrity of the network and continued access for our high-speed servers. The servers are monitored constantly to ensure optimal performance.

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